Crashfield 4, Lagfield 4 or should we call it Bugfield 4?

Battlefield 4 is released since over a week now but the release week was and still is rough. My friends and me realized that we never played such a broken piece of software until Battlefield 4 came out. Seriously? Yes I say it absolutely honest. Not even a single beta game of the tons I played was that broken like the fully released BF 4.

It´s not that only my friends and me had to experience it. The forum of Battlefield 4 was and still is full of people who had major problems with the game. The most common problems are server crashes and client crashes. One of my friends could not start a single game without a crash while some others were able to play one or two rounds until either a disconnect from the server happened or a client crash.

There are other common problems. Many people experiences progress loss in multiplayer which are related to the crashes. The server queue function was completely broken and there was an annoying sound bug. There was also a magazine reload bug which got fixed. There were also a few other minor problems.

But the biggest problem is that the client or server does crash pretty often. The sound bug is annoying as hell. And to be honest, the netcode of the game is completely broken as well. Many people got shot behind doors, walls and other barriers. Basically you can say that a lot of things happening in the game was delayed. What you see and what happens on your screen is not synchronised with the data from the server, which leads to very strange deaths of player characters. BF4CENTRAL made a great post with some examples about how horrible the netcode issue in BF 4 is.

The bad netcode, the sound bug and the crashes are still not fixed. But DICE promised that they work on the problems and there were several patches released. Some of my friends have now less crashes while other still have many and as said one of my friends still can´t even join a single game without a crash.

Here is the official list of known Battlefield 4 issues including the latest patch notes. It seems that the crashes have top priority and that is great. DICE lead gameplay designer Gustav Halling promised on Twitter that the netcode issue has top priority as well.

While it is great to see that DICE is working on many fixes, many people suspect that the publisher EA rushed the game out too early. Many share the opinion that they maybe wanted the game to be released earlier than the competitor Activision with the game Call of Duty Ghost, to get more sales than the competitor.
If it´s true or not, what we have seen here is not a release of a game with some minor bugs, it was and still is a charged beta phase.

BF4CENTRAL did hit the nail right on the head in my opinion…

The game is unplayable and not worth $60. It hurts us to say this, but DICE has shipped what is quite possibly the worst release in Battlefield’s history.

We hate to be the ones constantly pointing this out and “complaining”, but someone has to say this. Someone has to speak up and let EA and DICE know that this is unacceptable. This is not what a $60 product is supposed to be like.

DICE should be ashamed of themselves.

To be honest, I had the chance to play some rounds without a crash and I do think that the game could be very good but all the issues wouldn´t allow me to say it. All I can say at the moment is, that the game is in it´s current state more than horrible. There are simply too many issues. And even if they fix the issues sooner or later, DICE and EA should really be ashamed to release such a piece of broken software. Customers who pay over $60 for the game shouldn´t be so badly treated. It´s a colossal cheek. And EA should not wonder why they were named the worst company in America twice.

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