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BF4 Statistics Engine Down or even a new DDoS Attack…

There is ongoing trouble with EA, DICE and their product Battlefield 4. I think I do not have to mention all the trouble as many are already aware of all the problems. But there is something worth to mention as it is a new problem. The BF4 player statistics were reset or the whole stats server is down.

Some people assume that it could even be again a new DDoS attack on the BF4 servers. But the Battlelog shows “The Game Statistics Engine is currently down” and this does not have to mean that it is caused by a DDoS attack. But on the other site, the assumption of many players could be true as BF4 was already a target of a DDoS attack in the past.

People said that the statistics engine is already down since hours. So, let´s see when the server goes up again and and maybe we hear what caused the problem.

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