Asking you… Do you prefer nested or non-nested chronological comment discussion settings on a blog?

I did set up my blog so that comments and discussions can be nested. But at the moment I ask myself if I should go back to the normal settings which do not allow nested comments.

The problems I see with nested comments is that you have to set up how deep discussions are allowed to be nested and if you set it up that it allows 3 or 5 levels of nested discussion, the conversation between the people can stop abrupt as people think that it does not make sense to reply to a person if the last level of the nested discussion is reached.

As the writer of this blog here, I often ask myself if it makes sense to reply to the comment section again if the I reached the maximum nested level in a discussion with a person. I could set up more levels but more than 5 levels wouldn´t work… Every setting above 5 levels of nested commenting would shrink the text and that looks bad. For 3 or 5 levels it works well, at least for very short discussions.

The normal chronological non-nested variant makes it look like you can always reply. Chronologically, discussions make a lot of sense. Well, simply because of the chronology. Nested commenting might confuse some readers due to the fact that several nested threads break the chronology. On the other side it might be hard to find out who replied to whom.

I am not sure, there are pros and cons for nested and non-nested discussions. I did use the nested variant since some time now but sometimes I start to think if I should go back to non-nested comment settings. What do you think? What kind of settings do you use on your blog? Did you think about the pros and cons in the past too?

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