Marzipan Roll

Franzbrötchen with Marzipan

It´s always a hard decision if you visit a bakery as they have so much tasty things. Yesterday I bought this bun on the image above. We call it “Franzbrötchen” here. The roll on the image is glazed with marzipan. There is no other word than “tasty” for it.

7 thoughts on “Marzipan Roll

  1. It’s been too long since I have been able to go back to visit family in Europe, and I definitely miss all of the pastries! On a different note, I also miss weisswurst, and once in a while we get an überraschungsei from family visitors… 🙂 🙂

    1. Haha, Überraschungseier are cool and I did eat them a lot too. 😀 Even if I am german, I am not sure how to think about Weisswurst. We have a Bavarian Restaurant here in my city and I would say this kind of sausage was not my favorite one 😀

      It´s interesting that you have family in Europe. That can be a real benefit if you want to travel 🙂 This is great!

      1. Haha! I’m not sure I would want to know what it is made of, but for some reason I grew to enjoy it. Most of my background is Hungarian, but being born in Germany (Bad Reichenhall), I have some German traditions that live on… 🙂
        And you are right, I had the chance to see a large part of EU because of the family & friends we have there, I was very fortunate for that.

        1. Weißwurst ist mostly made of veal or pork, I think. I like pork but maybe my first Weißwurst was made of veal, I am not sure. Didn´t try it again but it also might be that the restaurant was just bad. I should try Weißwurst some day again. All my friends said it´s tatsy.

          Oh that means you have Bavarian roots 🙂 I researched and Bad Reichenhall seems to be in Upper Bavaria. I do live near the Baltic Sea in the north (Lübeck). I´ve seen a lot of Europe too but sadly I have never been out of Europe, but who knows maybe I will some day 🙂

        2. I would recommend giving it one more shot, but perhaps maybe at some point if you are more towards the south 🙂

          I loved traveling around Europe –a major part of that was the ability to walk and take public transportation vs always driving a car (as in the majority of the states). There is so much culture, history, beautiful architecture and places to explore, all over.. I will hopefully be able to get back soon. I believe traveling is an amazing tool to help broaden one’s world.

        3. Agree, traveling is fun. Meeting new people, culturual exchange and learning… so much fun. Always enjoyed it too. 🙂 It´s sad that we can´t see every place on earth. If I would have a time mashine, I would port to a lot of places. Everyday a new place 😀

        4. That just went through my mind the other day: I’ve seen quite a bit, but there is SO much still to explore….. teleportation needs to be invented asap lol

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