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Marzipan Roll

Franzbrötchen with Marzipan

It´s always a hard decision if you visit a bakery as they have so much tasty things. Yesterday I bought this bun on the image above. We call it “Franzbrötchen” here. The roll on the image is glazed with marzipan. There is no other word than “tasty” for it.


  1. It’s been too long since I have been able to go back to visit family in Europe, and I definitely miss all of the pastries! On a different note, I also miss weisswurst, and once in a while we get an überraschungsei from family visitors… 🙂 🙂

    • Haha, Überraschungseier are cool and I did eat them a lot too. 😀 Even if I am german, I am not sure how to think about Weisswurst. We have a Bavarian Restaurant here in my city and I would say this kind of sausage was not my favorite one 😀

      It´s interesting that you have family in Europe. That can be a real benefit if you want to travel 🙂 This is great!

      • Haha! I’m not sure I would want to know what it is made of, but for some reason I grew to enjoy it. Most of my background is Hungarian, but being born in Germany (Bad Reichenhall), I have some German traditions that live on… 🙂
        And you are right, I had the chance to see a large part of EU because of the family & friends we have there, I was very fortunate for that.

        • Weißwurst ist mostly made of veal or pork, I think. I like pork but maybe my first Weißwurst was made of veal, I am not sure. Didn´t try it again but it also might be that the restaurant was just bad. I should try Weißwurst some day again. All my friends said it´s tatsy.

          Oh that means you have Bavarian roots 🙂 I researched and Bad Reichenhall seems to be in Upper Bavaria. I do live near the Baltic Sea in the north (Lübeck). I´ve seen a lot of Europe too but sadly I have never been out of Europe, but who knows maybe I will some day 🙂

        • I would recommend giving it one more shot, but perhaps maybe at some point if you are more towards the south 🙂

          I loved traveling around Europe –a major part of that was the ability to walk and take public transportation vs always driving a car (as in the majority of the states). There is so much culture, history, beautiful architecture and places to explore, all over.. I will hopefully be able to get back soon. I believe traveling is an amazing tool to help broaden one’s world.

        • Agree, traveling is fun. Meeting new people, culturual exchange and learning… so much fun. Always enjoyed it too. 🙂 It´s sad that we can´t see every place on earth. If I would have a time mashine, I would port to a lot of places. Everyday a new place 😀

        • That just went through my mind the other day: I’ve seen quite a bit, but there is SO much still to explore….. teleportation needs to be invented asap lol

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