Blizzard means World of Warcraft is not going to be a pay-to-win game

World of Warcraft Screenshot Flying

Blizzard decided to add more and more in-game microtransactions. They did even add an in-game store where players can buy things for real money right in the moment they play the game and the player´s don´t even have to leave the game while making purchases. This is indeed an unethical strategy but that´s what microtransactions are about anyway. Modern developers and publishers are known for this unethical business strategy and smart players realized over time that it is today not about paying for a great game, no the publishers want to milk the cow to maximize the revenue.

Some players accepted it when the microtransactions were just cosmetical nature but more and more developers heading in a direction where players can even buy upgrades that are match-winning. This sales strategy is called pay-to-win by the players. Blizzard takes this direction with World of Warcraft now too. The latest news was that players will be able to jump up to the current maximum level in the next expansion Warlords of Draenor, if they pay for it with real money. This is an advantage over players who didn´t pay for it.

Now comes the funny part. Developers and publishers are so fraudulent today that they send their minions to the public to declare “Hey this is not pay to win, we just had this idea because it´s great and we never would provoke our community”. Ok this sentence is contrived by me but to be honest, that´s exactly how it sounds if they send their minions to the public. Nevermind what they will tell you, if you need time to achieve a goal in a game, for example reaching level 90 and if they now add the possibility to reach the same level just with the difference of spending money instead of time, it´s in fact a pay-to-win business model and an extremely unethical design decision by the publishers and developers. Don´t fall into the trap of the marketing babble.

But now let´s take one actual example. Blizzard´s creative director Alex Afrasiabi spoke to the public and said about pay-to-win: “That is not a direction we’re even comfortable taking in WoW,” he did continue “Pay-to-win models break player trust, and Blizzard has no intention of doing that”. Then he says “”Game design, half of it is about trust. And I think that our playerbase trusts us implicitly and you never want to break trust between the player and developer. And I think pay-to-win does that. And I think that is really our stance; we are not about pay-to-win in World of Warcraft. That is not gonna happen.”

Wait a moment. What is he talking about? Does he work for Blizzard or not? Imagine we both create a new character to reach level 100, I spend money to get a level 90 character and you spend time from level 1 to level 100… is this still fair? Can´t this be called pay-to-win? Do you notice their tricks? It´s psychology. They tell you that everything is just normal until you belive it. The sad fact is that there are so many players in younger age which will believe that kind of shit. It is re-education and they want their money. Nothing else. And today they don´t want your money only because they have production and server costs or because they want a revenue, no they want to maximize the shit out of it. Again, they want to milk you.

If you still belive that this all is about showing creativity and creating games, then you must have slept the last years. There is an army of aasvogel behind these publishers and the developers and they are called investors. They aren´t interested in a revenue, they are interested to absorb your last penny. They never will be happy until there is still enough money in your pockets. This is called hardcore capitalism and has not anything to do anymore with creating great games. Do you still know what great games are? If you played World of Warcraft to the times of Burning Crusade, then you probably know. You had to spend time to achieve game goals and you did it together with your friends or with people you met in the game. Nobody did have any advantage with money because all did pay the same fee, a justified fee that was meant to run the whole World of Warcraft infrastructures and to give the people behind this at that time great game a fair revenue.

So, don´t belive this shit. World of Warcraft is going to become a pay-to-win game no matter what any minion of these money-hungry investors want to tell you. They want to indoctrinate you, so that you accept everything. That´s what it is about. You will notice this in their skewed statements. Be careful and start to drop things that become shit!

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