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Chill Out Zone

Shyna does have many chill out zones in my apartment. On the photos above she lies in a blue plastic basket and it was once my laundry basket. Well, until she decided to declare the laundry basked to a chill out zone. I gave up and looked for another place for my laundry and I did put a towel into her “conquered” basket, so that it is cozier for her.

I think I am just sub-tenant here. The photos are from last year but I still can remind who was once the owner of the blue basket, so that I came up with the story now. Also notice how she takes care about her duck plush toy. This thing can even make duck sounds but me and my cat agree with each other that it sounds annoying.


  1. Look like Shyna just got a cute present from her owner ^^. Have a long, happy life together, Ms.Kitty and Mr.Owner o(^^o).

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