Will Electronic Arts Get The “Worst Company In America” Award Again?

Electronic Arts, also known under the short name EA, is again nominated for the “Worst Company In America” award. The company is nominated among many other companies and voting for the first round will be opened tomorrow March 19.

EA is title holder since two years in a row and the chance is good that they will get the third title too. In 2012 the gaming community was upset about EA due to the controversial ending of Mass Effect 3. And in 2013 EA did fall flat on the face with the broken Sim City release. 2014 was also not a good year for Electronic Arts as they published Battlefield 4 and that completely broken too. The Battlefield 4 community does still talk about many major issues and that is the reason why the chance is high that EA gets the award again. We will see.

4 thoughts on “Will Electronic Arts Get The “Worst Company In America” Award Again?

  1. It’s disappointing. I’m not a big gamer but I do enjoy Sim City and The Sims. However when I heard of all the complaints about the latest version of Sim City I decided not to buy it although I’d been waiting for it to come out for ages. I think my computer is getting a bit old to play the newer games anyway so maybe I’ll just keep waiting till I either get a better graphics card or a new computer.

    1. I always have been a big fan of Sim City too but didn´t buy the game as well. But some friends did. They complained not only about the big issues, but also about the map size. I guess people don´t like if the sequel has much smaller maps to build the city on, than the prequel.

      I understand that… people would like it if things get bigger and not smaller in a sequel. That was one of the reasons why I didn´t the buy game too. I usually only pay for games that get better and bigger with more features and not smaller with less features than the prequel. A friend showed me Sim City and I wasn´t impressed too.

        1. Yes not a bad decision. By the way, I still play Sim City 4 at times too. This is a very good and timeless game. Even my friends said that Sim City 4 is better than the newer game. I still love Sim City 4 too 🙂

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