Yellow Pansy Flower

Pansy Flower

The yellow pansy flower that you can the on the image above, is one that I found on the camp site of grandma and grandpa. It´s a flower that my grandma planted on their place. I had to take a photo but I have some other flower photos that I will upload over the next time. My grandma planted some beautiful flowers there.

6 thoughts on “Yellow Pansy Flower

      1. I see the deep purple layer of petal, and seem like I can’t find her on the net. Why don’t you shot the whole thing? ^”^

      2. I believe the blue or purple is pansy too but I´m not a flower expert as you 😀 It was a not too big flower vase of my grandma. I believe we will visit her on her camp ground over the next weeks again, so that I can take a shot of the whole vase. I think I didn´t shot the whole also because not all pansy leaves were ok. Some appealed a little bit damaged maybe because of insects.

        1. Just asking, why don’t you have a facebook page for your photos because sometimes I want to share them to my page. You don’t want it? And pardon me for do not have twitter.

      3. I didn´t find the right solution yet. Main problem is that I want to retain some kind of anonymity. I mean I do not want to create a page that is linked to my main Facebook account. Only solution I thought about is to create a second Facebook account with an alias. I thought about the solution to create this second account where my first name is as my real name but the surname is a thinked out alias but not my real surname. I still had this in mind to create this second Facebook account for my blog activities and so but just was to lazy to do it yet. It might happen in the future.

        Until then, if you are interested to share my photos, I have Facebook share button bellow each post, in case you want to share something. I guess this would add the image and the link to the article in my blog to your Facebook timeline. FInanlly, this would also be the way how I would do it with my second account in the future, since I dislike the idea to upload or host the images on Facebook directly. I usually just post links to social media sites as the original content should stay here but not uploaded to social media sites directly. So, it´s totally ok if you use the Facebook share button here, in case you like that.

        As said, it might be that I will create a Facebook page for this blog here in the future. I just need to create this second Facebook account with a writer name where I can create the page. My real Facebook is only for narrow best friends and for my family member.

        Thank you for being interested to share my photos.

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