Optical Illusion In The Garden Pond

What do you see in the pond? All my family members and friends do think the same, something strange is happening in the garden. Can you see it too? What do you think?

Optical Illusion In The Garden Pond

12 thoughts on “Optical Illusion In The Garden Pond

      1. It´s just an illusion caused my the reflection of the clouds and the ring waves that are caused because a fish did snap at an insect or something. Both combanined looks like a ghost or an alien as most people think. I´d say ghost but alien is not too bad too. 🙂

      1. Yep, we had to laugh about the photo too. I think this illusion is there because of the cloud reflections combined with the ring waves because a fish was snapping at an insect or something else. Both combined, the reflections of the heaven and the waves did make this illusion. Pretty strange and creepy 🙂

  1. An extraterrestrial Casper, yes, but I also see a miniature submerged ocean liner on the right side.

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