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New Black And White Kitty Photo

Black And White Cat And Black And White Photo

Didn´t upload photos of Shyna for a while. Found the image above in my folders. The photo must be two months old or so. I edited the image with Photoshop. I added lens blur around her and a vignette effect. I also did add a black and white gradient map to make the image look monochromatic. There are maybe too much highlights where the white fur is but other than that, I really like the image. What do you think?


    • Thank you Franni 🙂 I think it´s bright because I also adjusted the levels of the image before I did add the other effects 🙂

  1. Great cat, great photo and great photo editor. What a good pose and expression you have captured.

    • Thanks Vera. There were my red curtains between Shyna and me. You can´t see the curtains on the photo because they don´t go to the ground. But this explains the pose of my cat… we watched each other below the curtains near the ground 😀 It looks as if the curtains hang quite high over the ground but this is not the case, I think it´s the angle I holding the camera. I think photos of pets can look so much different if you lying on the ground too. I like this photo technique. Thanks for your wonderful comment.

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