Feeding Time

Feeding Shyna

I shot the photo above when I fed Shyna. She’s sometimes a little bit hasty and bites in my thumb but not so much that it hurts. Some time ago it was different and I had to break her habit to bite fingers. Whenever she was too hasty and bit me, I went away with the delicious treats and she learned why I go away with the tasty snacks. She is still hasty today but she is now more careful with my fingers.

4 thoughts on “Feeding Time

    1. Yep and very effective. Ignoring works very well, at least in this case. If she did anything else wrong, I usualy let her know with loud sounds, for example clapping in the hands loud or on the table… I did that for example when I got a new TV screen and she tried to scratch on the screen. She never did this again because she hates loud sounds.

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