Cat Test Photo In Black And White

Here is a photo that I took with the 18-105mm kit lens fully zoomed in to get a close-up shot of my cat. I don’t know, I really like to shoot close to 105mm. I don’t know, I think this photo is not too bad, but I disliked the colours and decided to change the image to black and white afterwards with Lightroom.

Shyna Black And White

5 thoughts on “Cat Test Photo In Black And White

  1. I think it looks good as a black and white. 105 is good for portraits but I seem to have more trouble when I zoom in too much because it is harder to keep perfect focus in the low light indoors and hand-held, although your picture is focused very well.

    1. I think I experienced the same yesteday in the evening. I have no tripod yet, so that is in low light indeed difficult. Today I learned how to manual focus, that is really handy but I think it will be still difficult in low light hand-held. I also didn’t test all ISO values yet. It will take me some time to understand the camera fully.

      There was good light when I took the shot. I had the curtain of my living room opened and there was good sun light. But I pushed the dark colours in Lightroom, added a little Vignette effect and so. It looks darker than the original.

      1. if the light is too low it’s better to move in close and use the wide angle. I agree that the manual focus is very useful. My new camera has manual focus but it only has a view screen so it is difficult to see.

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