5 More Or Less Related Thoughts: Why I Like My Broad Blog


1. I can discover where I want to go. If I want to write about cats today, I can do it. If I want to write about computer games another day, I can do it too. If I want to drop a subject completely, I can do it as same as I can discover new ones, there is no rule.

2. There is always something to talk about. My thoughts are not held up by categories, if I want to, my thoughts and ideas find a place to be published. It keeps my blog updated and it keeps me motivated. No matter if I just want to share a photo or a very long story.

3. Different subjects, different interesting people. I meet new people with different interest, I can tell them what I am up to as same as I can check out what they have to tell. I can learn from others and if I mean I have interesting knowledge to share, I can just do it.

4. I do not create expectations. I can come and I can go. I could write about the latest news, but nobody would expect that I keep my eyes on the subject forever. Ironically, freedom is causing consistency in this case. I stay active because I am not forced to.

5. It’s my photo gallery, my notepad and a diary at the same time. It serves as a place to rediscover old knowledge as same as a place where I craft new ideas. I get aware about myself and I keep track of what I was doing or what I might want to do in the future.

6 thoughts on “5 More Or Less Related Thoughts: Why I Like My Broad Blog

    1. That’s true. These tips might work for some, but for me they don’t. I prefer to keep it broad, I don’t want to have a special direction… I experimented with it but a general blog works better for me and makes me keep going. 🙂

  1. I’ve experimented with blogging only on a certain topic and I found that I hardly ever blogged. Plus, there was so much of my life that was being left out. Like you, I enjoy being able to write about whatever I feel like writing about on that particular day.

    1. That is the same experience I made. I do have a pure tech blog aside from this one here… I rarely publish anything on my tech niche blog anymore. If so, I do publish the most important tech articles here. I dislike to jump between two blogs, I prefer one place.
      That is something I had to learn 🙂

  2. I have resisted defining my blog as one thing or another for more than three years and am very pleased to feel free to write about whatever I feel like on any given day. Stick to your guns.

    1. Yes, feeling free, that explains very well how it feels for me too. I saw many who don’t want to be pushed into a niche, and others who can chat about only one subject all the time. We should do what works best for us 🙂

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