Weekly Photo Challenge: Door

The recent WordPress Photo Challenge is funny, no really, I like it. I enjoy taking pictures of objects. There are so many objects that most people would find boring, I did that too, but I pay more attention to these objects since I am interested in photography.

This weeks challenge is about doors, and they are probably one of these subjects where most people would ask “Why did you take a picture of a door?”, I would have asked the same question too a while ago, but now I don’t, because they are interesting.

The fun about photography is to notice several things around you, to pay more attention to your surrounding. I like door photos because no door is the same door. They have different colours, different materials, some are rotten and some are rusty and most are kept intact.

When I take pictures of not so common subjects, I do like to watch at the material details, I am for example a big fan of rust and metal textures or all kind of woody textures. Colours are powerful too, I find some objects simply interesting because of the colours, it varies.

I think most photographers would agree that photography is pretty much about discovering, understanding, capturing a moment and taking it home. Here is my entry to the Weekly Photo Challenge…

Metal Door

6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Door

  1. ( … that in English is a gate, a garden gate….but it works just like a door of course… it opens and closes and keeps people in or out)

    1. Haha yes, here in Germany we have a different meaning for it too…

      Door = Tür
      Gate = Pforte
      Garden gate = Gartenpforte

      I saw it more in the widest sense 🙂

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