We Feel Tense

Dark Clouds

This is not meant as a photo post, the photo just describes my current mood, I feel tense and sad. You might have noticed that I slowed down with my post interval over the last days, it’s because something else happened in life. My uncle was taken to the hospital for a week, we want him to get well. I was recently not in the mood to focus on my blog.

I don’t want to write about it in detail yet, something bad is suspected, it’s just that we all don’t know a lot, they still have to test some more things in the hospital. We visited him in the hospital, but now he is back at home because he is stable, but he will need to visit the hospital a few more times for the other tests. Whatever might be, he has strong support.

I think I should write some things for the blog to get some other thoughts, the week was not easy. I might update the blog over the next days, but it could also happen that I write less than usual, just so that you know why.

3 thoughts on “We Feel Tense

  1. It is normal to be affected by the uncertain health of someone in the family. Do not blame yourself. I wish you and your uncle courage, strength, and wisdom in facing the situation.

    1. Thank you Vera. We feel helpless because of the uncertainty, but we don’t show it. What we currently know doesn’t sound good, we do now need to wait for further tests and results to hear a more detailed diagnosis, and the prognosis, what it means for the future and what can be done.

      Thanks, strength, courage and wisdom is needed, that’s what we wish too, and we will support him in any case. Thank you Vera for your wishes!

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