Potatoes With Cabbage, Sausage And Minced Meat

potatoes with cabbage and sausage

Talking about classical German dishes, I’d say potatoes with cabbage, sausage and minced meat is definitely on the list. If you would visit a German family for some weeks, the odds are that you will see this dish on the table, especially in the colder seasons.

I think this is one of the dishes that we eat very often in the colder seasons, I don’t know why, it’s just something I noticed in my family. Boiled cabbage has one feature, it will remain hot for quite a long time as same as potatoes don’t cool down very fast.

I do usually sweat after I ate potatoes with cabbage and sausage, that could be one reason why it’s a good dish for colder days. Of course, we also eat this dish in summer, but not on very warm days, I couldn’t do that. For me this is a perfect autumn and winter dish.

Do you know this dish? Is this something you eat in your country or do you prepare it differently? I’d be happy if you tell me, I am wondering if this is a typical German dish.

5 thoughts on “Potatoes With Cabbage, Sausage And Minced Meat

  1. Very nice, I’d find it necessary to include a couple large hunks of a good quality old world rye with seeds, and very soft good butter. Of course I’d eat it anyway without the bread.

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