I Wish You Happy Holidays

Christmas glitter ball

Where on earth did the time go? It’s Christmas time again! My little cousin thought I should take a photo of a Christmas glitter ball and I accepted the challenge and asked her to illuminate the ball from the top with the flashlight of my smartphone for some extra glitter. I like the result and it’s the perfect photo to wish you all Happy Holidays!

So, here we go. Of course it has always been my opinion, but this year has shown me again that there is nothing more of value than health. All I wish for my family and friends is to stay healthy, and the ones with health problems, I wish them strength and to get well. I wish you the same, stay healthy, and if you battle with some things, no matter if health problems or other issues, I wish you all the strength that is needed , I wish you all the best.

Christmas is a good time to get together with the whole family, it’s cozy and interesting with all those lights. I wish you to spend a good time with your family, to enjoy the meals, to have a good talk. That’s the only thing that makes me excited, meeting the whole family.

Merry Christmas!

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