First Winter Hikes

Northern German Landscape Photo

As I mentioned, I moved temporary to take care of my uncle until he feels better, but that doesn’t mean that I have no free time, because his wife takes care too, and that means there is still enough time for myself. I know the village already, but I never checked the whole area and as someone who likes to hike, I thought it would be a good idea to do that.

The place could be interesting in summer, there are lots of fields and farms, some smaller forests, and very small lakes. We have winter and everything should be white, but the landscape is grey like in autumn. It’s strange, one day ago winter started but we have 12 degree, that is not what I call a winter. Just yesterday we saw a wasp on one of our windows, seriously, what is wrong? I might upload a photo of the winter wasp soon.

My post here is written spontaneously and I don’t know what else I could write. I can just say that I shot some autumn-like landscape photos, even if it’s winter (laugh). I was already three times on a hike, each time another direction. I will upload some photos, but I believe most of them are boring, at least not very colourful, but that is the season. Apart from that, I am fine, the cat gets used to the new place, but still very slowly, it takes time.

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