The Photo Alone Makes Me Hungry

Tasty German Food

It’s been some time, and I thought I should post something into my category of food photography again. Above you can see a photo that I shot some months ago. I just remember that I came back home after a long hike during very cold weather, and my aunt prepared this dish for us all. Nothing could be better than a warm dish, after a hike in the cold weather, and I was very happy when I saw that my aunt prepared potato croquettes with a delicious sauce, a nice steak and peas and roots. Some time passed after I shot the photo, but looking at the photo now, I am getting pretty hungry. Want to see more delicious dishes? Take a look here.

2 thoughts on “The Photo Alone Makes Me Hungry

    1. That’s true, I sometimes browsed Instagram or Pinterest to the wrong times, too much delicious things posted there, looking at food photos after midnight is indeed a bad idea 🙂

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