Euro 2016: Germany vs. France 0:2

German Flag

I actually thought that I would have a photo of a France flag, but when I went through my Lightroom library, I couldn’t find any. So, I am using a German flag for this post, a damaged German flag as it fits very well. But now let me talk about the soccer match Germany vs. France that did end with a 0:2. France did shoot Germany out, and from a German perspective the whole match was quite painful to watch. Seriously Schweinsteiger, can you please put down your hands next time you standing in the penalty area? It was so pointless, and I am glad the French penalty kick was a goal, because I believe that stupidity must be punished.

From a German perspective there was still hope that we could kick a goal too, but only because we had ball possession most of the time, but the French team showed us that it’s not about ball possession but about shooting a goal. Quite effective attacks from the French side, and I was sure they would make a second goal. Beautiful attack of the French team, and Griezmann kicks the second goal for France. Congrats France, you are in the finals with Portugal, now let’s see who will be the European champion of 2016. I am going to watch the final match, what do you think? Will Portugal win or France?

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