Cute Ducklings

Cute Ducklings

I do have less time now to go out and take new photos, but as usual when this is the case, I do still have enough photos that I shot but that I didn’t upload yet. Today I want to show you a photo of some cute ducklings that I found around two weeks ago or so. I was somewhere outside of Lübeck and noticed a strange sound near a very small pond, and it took me a while but then I noticed I found these cute ducklings that made the sound. They are more than cute, aren’t they?

4 thoughts on “Cute Ducklings

  1. They are so lovely. I must admit, that ducks are one of my favourites animals, they are so cute and their feet are so funny to be honest. I mean why on earth has a animals orange feet? I find its very funny. Do you know the story of the ugly duckling by hands christian Andersen? The picture reminded me of that!
    Best wishes, katha

    1. Hehe, yes the orange feets are very funny. I was also surprised that they do fly very well, I mean they are really fast and fly very low over the water (when they are adult), but this is something I noticed only in the country area but not in the city. Yes I remember the Ugly Duckling from my childhood 🙂 Have a nice time! 🙂

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