EA With Massive Problems to Deliver Promised Early Access Beta Codes to Battlefield 1 Insiders

Battlefield 1 Trailer Screenshot

Electronic Arts promoted the Battlefield Insider program a while ago, a way to get earlier access to the open beta. It was said that if you registered your mail in time on the Battlefield Insider website, you would get access to the open beta one day earlier than those who did not sign up, that would mean on August 30 instead of August 31. It turns out that it didn’t make a difference for a lot of people, because a really massive amount of players didn’t even receive an early access beta key, even if they signed up for the Battlefield Insider program earlier enough back then.

Since the first day is almost over, it’s questionable if every Battlefield Insider will ever get a key, even if they get one, it’s now to late since the open beta starts for everyone anyway soon. Electronic Arts is known for bad game releases, unclear statements, bugged games and services that give a bad user experience. It’s just not a surprise if they can’t keep up with promises. They didn’t even give their user base an exact timing when the early access phase would start apart from the exact day, this resulted in a lot of buzz and noise on social media channels, since so many people asked when the beta would start, so that you could think that this was the wanted marketing effect for the beta. On Twitter, they appeased people with “Please keep checking your email throughout the day” tweets.

If you are one of those who registered a long time ago for the Battlefield Insider program, and you still don’t have a beta code, you might go the route that many other users tried. Several people mentioned that I could get a code via support chat, but it can take hours, and it’s not guaranteed that every EA game advisor will help you out with a beta key via support chat, which means you might have to try several times. It’s questionable if it’s worth the effort, you are probably better advised to just sit back to relax and wait for the open beta to start for everyone on August 31 in a few hours. If you are still disappointed how they handled the early access day, it’s understandable. It’ll be interesting to see how the mass thinks about Battlefield 1 when the beta is over, and when the game is released.

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