Elbe–Lübeck Canal


I thought it would be time to upload a landscape photo again. In this post you can see the Elbe–Lübeck Canal. It connects the Elbe and the Trave River in Lübeck. Sometimes I like to hike there because you can spot cormorants there, and with a bit of luck it’s also possible to find grey herons or sea eagles in that area. I saw them a the canal too several times, but of course when I didn’t have my camera with me. But I could take photos of these birds somewhere else already, fortunately. But one thing is sure, the more you take photos in your area, the more you become an expert and you start to know where to look for certain birds. I can’t await the next spring or summer, I will definitely take photos in autumn too, but probably not as much. Meanwhile, I can work on uploading my backlog of photos.

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