Elysium Project – Nostalrius: The Vanilla World of Warcraft Private Server Returns


You think Blizzard went the wrong direction with World of Warcraft and you would like to experience the good old days again? Or are you one of those that came a bit too late but that were always curious how gameplay might have been back in the days when World of Warcraft started? Or did you already play on a classic private server to get back to this experience but they shut your favorite server down? No matter who you are, there is a really great news for you.

A while ago, there were hints that Blizzard showed interest to support classic servers. The Nostalrius private server team attempted to convince Blizzard to team up and to work together on an official classic realm. After a petition of the legacy community, Blizzard invited the Nostalrius team at their campus in Irvine California to discuss about the legacy community and realms for World of Warcraft. It looked like a good news for everyone who wished to experience vanilla WoW again, and the Nostalrius team said that they would work hard if they would get the chance to create an official classic realm for World of Warcraft. The Nostalrius team had high expectations, but sadly they never got a reply after the Blizzard meeting.

After the meeting with Blizzard, we continued to reach out regarding the issues they raised in order to help them as much as possible and to speed up the process of an official release. Trust us, we were ready to work like hell on that, even more than before in order to help WoW team. But we never received any response to these questions, even after 4 months. Then, we tried to show our motivation to solve the issues from a different angle by working on mature proposals (studies, cost analysis, schedules, milestones, etc.), including a complete transfer of technology of our existing work, fixing the few remaining issues we had, official Battle.Net integration on Legacy to enhance community driven strategy and other more complex IT topics, all of this on a volunteer basis. Why? Our only goal was to nullify as much as possible the impact of Legacy on the WoW team so that everyone could be pleased with the result. We knew that having even a single person from the current WoW Team working on Legacy might not be seen in a positive light by the Legion community, something we understand. Sadly, we never received any answers to these proposals either.

Now the Nostalrius team stated in their own forum that they will have to assume that Blizzard is not interested to work with them together to create an official Blizzard realm of Legacy WoW. Nostalrius went into full offensive and released their classic source code and the additional tools to the community “in hope that it will maintain the Legacy community as much as possible until Blizzard announces an official Legacy plan – should they decide to do that”.

The source code will be first given to an existing Legacy project which we believe to be the most in line with our core values, named Elysium. This server shares the volunteer spirit and passion for the game we had. Furthermore, an important part of Nostalrius volunteers are already working there, some under different names. We wish them all the best, and hope that they will become a new home for the reunited Vanilla community. We will continue collaborating closely with them. This collaboration could include additional “things” to share with them if necessary to achieve this goal.

That means the Nostalrius Legacy source code is now in the hands of the Elysium-Project private server team. They will bring back the PvE and PvP Nostalrius realms, that includes the database which means people who played on Nostalrius can continue where they stopped. This will happen on December 17, to be more clear around 12pm noon Eastern US Time or 4pm in UK. Apart from that, they will start another realm weeks later, the fresh-start Elysium realm, a realm where everyone starts as Level 1 character. It’s not known when this additional realm will go online, but everyone is excited about it and it’s already clear that most people will prefer the fresh-start server. The hype started after Elysium ran stress tests with over 10k players and after they released a teaser for the upcoming launch…


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