Santa Claus Came Too Early And Brought Me A Nikon 50mm 1.8G


Yeah, Santa Claus came a bit too early this year. No, let me be serious now, I actually made a present to myself. As I mentioned in this post, I tried to get a used Nikon 50mm 1.8G lens for 120€. Yes, this mission is complete, the post was written three weeks ago, that means it took me three weeks to find the lens and to convince sellers to let me purchase it for this price. Now that I followed the lens for several weeks, I can tell you that the average German market price (used) for the lens is about 130€ – 140€, especially on Ebay. Eventually I decided to search the classifieds market instead of the Ebay auctions site.

Someone wanted to sell the lens for 100€ but my message arrived one hour too late and another person got the bargain. However, then I spotted the lens for 120€ and took it. I saved 100€ as it would have cost me 220€ in a local store. The used lens looks nice, the previous owner did take care well of it. No scratches, fungus, dust or anything that could be a problem. I am pretty happy with the deal but as said, it won’t be my “everyday lens”, but a lens that I definitely wanted to have in my arsenal as I like the bokeh and DoF. The picture in this post was taken with the Nikon 50mm lens but I might write about it in detail when I used it more.

3 thoughts on “Santa Claus Came Too Early And Brought Me A Nikon 50mm 1.8G

    1. Thanks. I used it inside the last two days, it works quite well for different objects at home like Christmas decoration and so. Not exactly the reason why I wanted to have this lens, but still cool that this is a fun possibility too. I wish it would be spring already, that would be very inspiring with this lens. I might have to visit the Christmas market again, maybe I find some cool subjects there for that lens. For now, my cat has to be the test subject 🙂 I am still practicing, especially with f/1.8 and focussing right. Can’t await brighter times, but this lens is still very usable in this dark season, and playing with artificial light sources and wide aperture is what I want to try soon.

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