Unexpected Possibilities

I purchased my Nikon 50mm prime lens because I liked the fact that you can play with depth of field and bokeh according to different sources. On my DX sensor, 50mm are effectively seen 75mm, that means I thought this would also be a nice lens to try portrait photography and this is true. The weather is so bad that I don’t like to go outside with my camera, but I tested the new lens inside. I visited grandma and grandpa, and my uncle, and I shot several portrait photos and liked it. There are a couple of other reasons why I wanted to get my hands on a 50mm prime lens, but it was totally unexpected that this focal length is actually pretty cool with my D7100 sensor when it comes to food photography. It’s perfect, it’s almost as if it was designed for food photography. I do also like it that I can use it wide-open at f/1.8 to add depth of field in the background while I focus at something in the front. Here is an example where I did highlight the roast turkey roll meat…


My grandma cooked it, and it was super delicious. We had potatoes on the plate, a nice sauce and red cabbage but the highlight was definitely the delicate roast turkey roll. Grandma’s can cook, I really like to eat there. My uncle was there too, we all ate together. But I was really surprised how fun it is to use the 50mm lens to take pictures of things on the table, that’s not why I purchased it, but it’s really cool. I think it’s the focus distance, I can get closer to the things, but I also don’t have to be too far away. Generally, it works well for objects that I find in the apartment. I can’t await spring time to use this lens when things are more colourful again outside. I want to try this lens with flowers, even if it’s not a macro lens, but I think it’ll work great with flowers.

3 thoughts on “Unexpected Possibilities

    1. After using it for two days now, I noticed that I must learn now how to set aperture to use depth of field creatively. I do use my camera in manual mode quite often, however, all my other lenses couldn’t be opened that wide to create nice DoF or bokeh. Now I need some time to get used to this, I must learn when it’s good and when it’s too much 🙂

      Talking about the focal length, it’s works great on my DX sensor for food plates as said, but also for all kind of objects in the apartment, and I like this focal length on DX because it’s really nice for portraits as I noticed. Can’t await spring time to take photos of plants, leaves and so with blurry background. 🙂

      I can see why you like 50mm, but I own this lens just since 2 days and there is probably much more to experience with it in the future 🙂

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