Grey Goose

I found this photo of a grey goose in my library. During the warm seasons it’s quite easy to find them. Outside of the city they are often on fields or near water. But also in the city it’s possible to find them, for example in parks or near ponds. I don’t have many photos of this bird species on my blog and thought I upload this one to my grey goose category. I do already have 112 posts in my birds category, it’s funny because when I started with photography, I did not expect that I would take so many bird photos. I still have so many photos to upload, but next spring or summer I will probably take even more bird photos, which means uploading will be a never-ending job.

4 thoughts on “Grey Goose

  1. [ Smiles ] When I saw the title of this blog post, I thought that you were actually talking about your favourite brand of vodka.

    To my surprise, I encountered a fabulous picture of an actual grey goose instead

    1. Hehe, I didn’t know there would be a vodka brand called like the grey geese birds. I just know vodka brands with Russian names like Smirnoff, Gorbatschow and so on 😀 These are very popular here in Germany 😀 It’s been a while since I did make party. But once in a while when I do that, I prefer whisky over vodka 🙂

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