Having A Good Time With The Cat And Guitar

Today I randomly played some sad chords and liked it so much that I decided to record it. I use my own recordings as backing tracks so that I can later improvise guitar solos over it. I sometimes do it right away, and sometimes I just store the ideas on my hard drive. To be honest, I have probably more than 50 own backing tracks. If I wouldn’t be so lazy with video editing, I’d probably have a YouTube channel full own songs and backing tracks. Talking about backing tracks, this would be a great idea too, to offer them without my solos. Mainly, because I am always looking for backing tracks of strangers as well, and there are tons of them on YouTube that you can use to practice guitar solos.

So, I don’t practice solos just with my own backing tracks, I also play to backing tracks that were created by other persons, because that’s what they are for. But then again, I could offer tons of my own backing tracks, it’s just that I am super lazy to edit them for uploads. But it would actually be not a bad idea to have my own backing track channel on YouTube. Maybe some day… In Germany we have a saying that fits here: “Morgen, morgen, nur nicht heute, sagen alle faulen Leute.”. It’s a rhyme in German, and literally translated it means: “Tomorrow, tomorrow, just not today, saying all the lazy people”. I am not that lazy, but my YouTube channel is an exception where I am definitely lazy.

Anyway, I did at least play a new solo over a sad ballade that I recorded today as mentioned. As always it was more experimental, because I just played random chords and liked it. But I really like playing guitar solos, and of course I played one over it here too. My cat was on the couch too and relaxed. But at the start of the video, and between the solos I tried to annoy her a bit. We always play stupid games (laugh). But enough said, here is my experimental sad ballad and a guitar solo…

Both the backing track and the guitar solo was played with my new Guild Bluesbird guitar. This time without distortion or overdrive effects. I wanted to play the guitar clean because that’s where the new guitar can shine too. I am enjoying the guitar a lot, but it also opened the Pandora’s Box. I do now have two guitars, and I actually thought I’d be done after I purchased the second guitar. But something else happened, because I realized that it’s actually fun to own more than one guitar. Every guitar has its own soul, which means it’s really great to be able to choose. So, yeah, I still need to win in the lottery, because in this case I would probably own a lot more guitars than I do now. Ok, let me stop dreaming (laugh). Did you like my improvised sad ballad?


4 thoughts on “Having A Good Time With The Cat And Guitar

    1. Thank you. I am glad you liked it. My cat especially likes ballads, not so much rock 🙂 But I am not surprised, because rock is more noise and ballads or more soft for the ear. 🙂

  1. That was wonderful! I like ballads a lot too, especially on guitar. Peaceful with the cat there, heh. 🙂

    1. I think my cat likes ballads too because they are more quite than rock songs. The sound comes from the headphones, but of course you can hear the metallic strings of the guitar a bit too in the room, and with these slow songs, my cat likes to sit near me because it’s not like fast and louder rock music 😀

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