Dragon Figure

dragon figure

Sometimes I also try to find things at home that I can photograph. I own the dragon figure in the picture above since almost two decades, I got that thing in a shop that basically sold cheap “bells and whistles” or “Schnickschnack” as we would say in Germany when we talk about stores that sell decor and other things for a buck or two. And I don’t mean this on a negative way, you can find some cool things in these dollar stores. The name is maybe a bit wrong in our case since we don’t trade with dollars, but you know what I mean.

There was a time where I attempted to give my living room a Chinese or Asian vibe, and I though dragons would fit the theme. I still have that thing in my living room, and today it’s protecting a picture frame of my uncle who sadly died this year. The picture frame is on top of one of my cabinets and it wasn’t sturdy, so that I use the dragon to keep the frame in place. In a way it’s even appropriate, because we did not only do many things together in real life, we also played a lot of World of Warcraft together, which means we dealt with dragons (laugh). I also like the symbolic, that a dragon is now the guardian of my uncle’s picture, it makes it look a bit like a shrine.

2 thoughts on “Dragon Figure

  1. I just bought one similar to this for our son 🙂 It’s such a great one to display!

    And what a nice tribute and thought behind it to your uncle.

    “Schnickschnack” is an awesome word, hah 🙂 In Danish we have sniksnak, which means small talk!

  2. I think as World of Warcaft players we are a bit biased when it’s about dragons 🙂 Definitely good decor!

    The Danish word reads very similar but has a different meaning. Interesting 🙂

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