Success With a Friend in PUBG and Some Screenshots

Having Fun in PUBG With a Friend

You know I am not just a fan of photography in real life, as an avid PC gamer I actually also like in-game photography also known as screenshot art. I will share some screenshot at the end of this post again. This winter I play a lot of PUBG with my friends, and we’re really good at it. I wrote a PUBG review some time ago. I also like to watch our replays, and that’s where I have the time to take some cool screenshots of my team mates and me. One of the reasons we play PUBG is that you can actually succeed with cover and concealment tactics. It’s really not one of the games where you just mindlessly run through open fields. In PUBG you’re even under time pressure at the end of a match well-advised to think about your movements. That’s something we’re really good at.

Yesterday I played the Duo-Mode with a friend, because he was the only friend online. Duo means there are 50 teams consisting of 2 persons competing with each other. And since this is a battle royal shooter (A gameplay concept that reminds of the Hunger Games movie), it’s about being the last standing person or team. All my friends are really good in this game, but yesterday I played with a friend who is like me, extremely tactical in this game. We’re very OCD with what we do and what we don’t do. We definitely want to win, but we’re not really reckless. We both have the same gameplay style, which is great because we don’t have to discuss any ideas and usually agree with each other. I trust him as he does trust me.

The idea is fairly simple. We try to stay undercover as long as we can. And here is the thing, by doing so, we let the majority of other teams kill each other first because many of them are very reckless. It might be that we will spot enemies, but unless they are definite kills for us, we won’t attack them because all other teams could hear our weapons, and it would reveal the direction, probably even our exact position. But since there are coincidences, like enemy teams that cross the exact same path as we do, we will definitely open fire and we almost always win a firefight.

Because even during combat we try to pay attention to our movements. We use all kind of tactics, like suppression fire to allow team members to move, or changing cover and position one after another and almost never together at the same time. We do encircle enemies, we fall back if needed, we make use of smoke grenades, flashbangs and other grenades. You guessed it, we press every button. And we are very communicative. That’s where games are really fun, because if you play with friends that are really serious about it, there will be many moments where you completely dominate enemy teams. Yesterday it was flawless again, so much fun. Most of the time we made it into the top 5, and we have been last standing team several times. Here are some cool screenshots from yesterday…

In the screenshot below I’m running away from a village where we expected an enemy team since we saw one player at a window. They didn’t see us yet. We didn’t want to attack since they could move into different rooms or houses, resulting in a lottery type of situation for us…

PUBG screenshot

We found cover far enough away from the village where we planned to ambush them. My friend waits behind the rock while I check the enemy position by staying behind the rock too and leaning a bit to the right to have a bit of view without fully exposing myself. I am telling my friend “As we expected, it seems they will come our direction, they’re leaving the village now”…

PUBG screenshot

The ambush works, they’re moving right into our direction. We wait until they cross open terrain with cover far away from them. They’re brave and approach the street. Still about 100 meters away, but that’s the chance, we have scopes on our guns. We’re opening fire together and kill them both and can’t stop laughing…

PUBG screenshot

Most of the time we’ve been undercover and during that time many teams killed each other already. But now we had two kills too. Not much teams left but we go back into concealment. On our way we hear more teams fighting each other. We’re now very close and find a nice spot where we decide to lie concealed at the ground covered by plants. You might see us, but they definitely couldn’t…

We’ve been cheeky again. Planning to attack the last teams from ambush. And it worked, at that final position we killed four other players. That made us be the winners. Of fifty people we killed six, and otherwise we won the match with a lot of patience and planning our positions. We’ve been the last team standing and it was a lot of fun!

3 thoughts on “Success With a Friend in PUBG and Some Screenshots

    1. Thanks. I like to take screenshots 🙂 PUBG definitely has good character models, and some cool items and weapons for the players with nice details 🙂

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