White Flower

white flower

Here is another photo taken with my new Nikon 40mm Micro lens. It’s some time ago since I shot my last flower photos, because most of my lenses don’t do it well. Minimum focus distance was not really a big thing with my old point-and-shoot camera nor with my smartphone, that’s why I shot many photos of flowers back then. But my DSLR lenses didn’t do the job well, until now. So, I think once in a while there will be flower photos again on my blog.


6 thoughts on “White Flower

    1. Today the first tries…. and I liked it. I think I will experiment further tomorrow. First impression is that I like the lens. But it’s also definitely physical exercise, because of all the kneeling 😀

  1. This is fascinating, Dennis. I think that faint softening at the edges just highlights how close you really are. I look forward to many many photos of bug eyed monsters, cat noses, and bits of bark and mushrooms. =)

    1. I purchased it for close-up photos of different things… for example when I wrote tech articles, I needed related photos like close-ups of cables, plugs, keys on the keyboard and so on. So, I needed something for product photos. But yes, today I noticed outside that the 40mm is fun with flowers, bugs and so too. Just insects won’t work well because I have to be too close. For that I might purchase a 105mm macro in the future. Probably a used one 🙂

      I think the 40mm might be a nice entrance. It might show me if I like macro or not. If it’s worth to invest or not. 🙂

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