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A New Lens to Get Closer

AF-S DX Micro-NIKKOR 40mm f/2.8G

I purchased the AF-S DX Micro-NIKKOR 40mm f/2.8G lens and got it today. Main reason is that I often noticed how I have difficulties to focus close with my other lenses. Because of the minimum focus distance, I couldn’t get up-close to smaller objects. I like to take photos of small things and sometimes I need product phots that fit to articles I write. This can be close-up photos of cables, plugs, logos on products and so on. I didn’t count how often it was impossible for me to take a certain photo, I just can tell you it happened quite often over the years.

I heard about the Nikon 40mm Micro, and that the minimum focus distance of this allows me to be closer to the objects I want to photograph. I had the lens on my wishlist but I am patient and do my research. But last week I pulled the trigger and purchased one. The lens arrived today and I was already able to test it. It will be a great help with product photos, and it also will allow me to get a first impression of macro photography, although 40mm is not perfect for insects, but it might be very handy for flower photos. But then again, I mainly need it for product photography, or photography of small objects. Anyway, I tested the lens already outside, and it’s possible to take some nature photos.

Today I noticed that macro photography can be exhausting, because I had to kneel several times. It’s a lot of up and down, but hey, that is training too (laugh).



  1. Yes, those small subjects can be tricky. Sometimes when I’m photographing dolls inside my 1:6 scale house I stand on a step ladder as it is a tall house placed on a table and I am short. Kneeling has become a problem for me. I liked to get down low to photograph pets and dolls if I take them outside but now unless I am near something to grab on to getting up from the kneeling position is tricky and if I were to squat I’d probably fall over. 🙂

    • Today I realized I am also not the youngest person anymore. I get a bit dizzy after some time when doing lots of kneeling and going back up again 😀 Seems like jogging doesn’t replace knee bend exercises 😀 Yes, photos at eye level are beautiful but I can see what you mean with the knees and so. As said, I sometimes have circulation problems, and when I do, that’s why a flip screen would be a bit handy for low shots, but my camera doesn’t have one.

    • Yes during research but I didn’t like the idea. I probably will purchase a Sigma 105mm at some point. Probably a used one because then it’s not a fortune. But I have time. The 40mm was now more important because I constantly need close-up images for my tech articles.

    • It will probably not be my main lens, but it will be very handy for all kind of close-up shots. Too often I needed some for my blog. But yesterday it was fun to use it outside too. So, there might be flower pictures in the future 🙂

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