A New Lens to Get Closer

AF-S DX Micro-NIKKOR 40mm f/2.8G

I purchased the AF-S DX Micro-NIKKOR 40mm f/2.8G lens and got it today. Main reason is that I often noticed how I have difficulties to focus close with my other lenses. Because of the minimum focus distance, I couldn’t get up-close to smaller objects. I like to take photos of small things and sometimes I need product phots that fit to articles I write. This can be close-up photos of cables, plugs, logos on products and so on. I didn’t count how often it was impossible for me to take a certain photo, I just can tell you it happened quite often over the years.

I heard about the Nikon 40mm Micro, and that the minimum focus distance of this allows me to be closer to the objects I want to photograph. I had the lens on my wishlist but I am patient and do my research. But last week I pulled the trigger and purchased one. The lens arrived today and I was already able to test it. It will be a great help with product photos, and it also will allow me to get a first impression of macro photography, although 40mm is not perfect for insects, but it might be very handy for flower photos. But then again, I mainly need it for product photography, or photography of small objects. Anyway, I tested the lens already outside, and it’s possible to take some nature photos.

Today I noticed that macro photography can be exhausting, because I had to kneel several times. It’s a lot of up and down, but hey, that is training too (laugh).


20 thoughts on “A New Lens to Get Closer

  1. Yes, those small subjects can be tricky. Sometimes when I’m photographing dolls inside my 1:6 scale house I stand on a step ladder as it is a tall house placed on a table and I am short. Kneeling has become a problem for me. I liked to get down low to photograph pets and dolls if I take them outside but now unless I am near something to grab on to getting up from the kneeling position is tricky and if I were to squat I’d probably fall over. 🙂

    1. Today I realized I am also not the youngest person anymore. I get a bit dizzy after some time when doing lots of kneeling and going back up again 😀 Seems like jogging doesn’t replace knee bend exercises 😀 Yes, photos at eye level are beautiful but I can see what you mean with the knees and so. As said, I sometimes have circulation problems, and when I do, that’s why a flip screen would be a bit handy for low shots, but my camera doesn’t have one.

    1. Yes during research but I didn’t like the idea. I probably will purchase a Sigma 105mm at some point. Probably a used one because then it’s not a fortune. But I have time. The 40mm was now more important because I constantly need close-up images for my tech articles.

        1. It’s midnight in Germany and I am about to go to bed but I will definitely take a look tomorrow because I like to check out the work of others, since people can inspire each other, and learn from each other.

    1. It will probably not be my main lens, but it will be very handy for all kind of close-up shots. Too often I needed some for my blog. But yesterday it was fun to use it outside too. So, there might be flower pictures in the future 🙂

        1. True, but I still like my phone for wide-angle shots 😀 Well, probably just until I own a wide-angle lens 😀

      1. Wow thanks for all the links! They are great photos even if it is still new to you! I hope my first macro photos are this good. The flowers are all beautiful, but I am particularly impressed with the close up of the fly, and the water droplets make for a beautiful photo! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

        1. Thank you 🙂 It’s fun to play with this lens…

          But 40mm is pretty difficult for insects. But I knew that. I had a bit of luck with the flies and managed it to get close. I actually bought the 40mm lens to take stock photos for my blog in the future… you know, in case I need photos for my blog of products or small things or anything related to what I write about.

          Anyway, I realized it’s also a fun lens to experiment with outside… like taking flower photos. Flowers can be a bit difficult if they have a long stem and if it’s windy… and yeah, daytime is a thing too because sometimes you don’t have enough light. But it’s still fun to attempt things and sometimes you’re surprised about the results. I think that’s what we love about photography, huh? 🙂 Maybe I get myself a longer macro lens in the future, to have it a bit more easy with insects. Maybe a 105mm lens or so.

          Are you getting the 40mm lens? Or any other macro lens? I am pretty sure you will have fun!

        2. I am not getting a 40mm lens, but I have a 50mm that I have had a quick dabble with. I enjoyed it but wanted to get closer, so have ordered some extension tubes. I wanted to see your photos as I figured it would be quite close to the results I could achieve with a 50mm. If I find myself enjoying it as much as you and doing more macro photos, I will definitely invest in a proper lens. They are quite pricey though so the tubes make more sense until I can see i’m using them enough that its worth the investment! I have been looking at the 105mm also and it looks a real cracking lens! Like you said, you have to get so close with the 40mm, that you have to be a real ninja to get your shots hehe 🙂
          I do agree though, the experimental side of photography is something I really enjoy, and I think sometimes on a budget you have to find creative ways to do these things, and then when you get amazing results you know it’s something you can be really proud of as you have had to work hard to make it happen! 🙂

        3. That’s smart! I liked the idea about extension tubes too, especially as they will work on different lenses. I think I would have gone this route too but got a nice deal on the 40mm. The idea is still the same, like you, I didn’t want to spend too much money before I am sure that I will do a lot of macro photography.

          Haha, Ninja yes. That’s true. The same was true when I got my Tamron 70-300mm on a budget to take bird photos… it’s no real super long wild-life lens, but practicing to be Ninja, I could take some really interesting close-up photos of birds. Now it’s the same with 40mm macro and insects.

          You are right, when you achieve something with what you have, you’re proud of the results and enjoy the photo editing and sharing 🙂

          Do you share your photos somewhere on wordpress.com ? I thought I take a look but it seems the URL linked to your profile doesn’t exist.

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