Cat Wallpaper

Nose and mouth of a cat

Today I shot some new photos of my cat and I experimented a little bit with my 40mm macro lens. I had the idea to take a photo of Shyna’s nose and mouth. Not sure what exactly I tried to achieve, but sometimes you find out later. When I transferred the image to my PC, I realized the image could work very well as a wallpaper in Windows. Because on the left side, there is enough clean space for all my icons. I think I might try the image as a wallpaper. What do you think? And how is this type of photography called? Is this minimalism? Maybe it’s just called wallpaper photography?

10 thoughts on “Cat Wallpaper

    1. I personally like wallpapers where you have some clean or blurred areas because there you can fit the icons. Normal photos without depth of field don’t work very well because it’s confusing.

  1. Perfect. I have a wide screen but i dislike all that width for reading and such, so I keep the actual wallpaper/work area smaller, and dot the edges with icons. That way the wallpaper shows up when Im not in anything but I still have the perimeter for my program icons. But you’re right, this has just enough clean space so you can put whatever you like in it, and still get a good look at Shyna’s nose. =)

    1. Yep, depth of field areas are great for icons. I have wide screen as well… need to crop the image to the perfect size before I use it because I am at 1920×1080 resolution. I actually like using wide screens. Could never go back 😀

  2. That is a very interesting photo and I like it in black and white. I don’t know what it is called but some styles of photography have to do with forms and shapes. It might also be considered surrealism.

    1. Yeah, that is not a bad point. I think when just a small part of the image is sharp and everything else is shallow depth of field, it appears very dreamy… and I think that is what surrealism is about.

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