Strawberry Cake

strawberry cake

This was a strawberry cake that we ate last month when my mother celebrated her birthday. I had my 40mm macro with me and tried to get a close-up photo of the strawberry on the cake, but lighting conditions were not great. I think the photo is still interesting. And of course, the cake was yummy.

2 thoughts on “Strawberry Cake

    1. Yes, would like to eat that cake again 🙂

      Talking about cameras, if you want it a lot, I’d say save up for it because it’s worth it… I started with a cheapo point and shoot camera back then, later when smartphone cameras became great I continued with my phone. But I wanted a DSLR hard and challenged myself to be patient and put money to the side 🙂 Didn’t regret it… super addictive and a nice hobby… and it goes well with blogging because you amass tons of your own stock photos. Only downside is that you want to buy new lenses at some point, which can be costly over time too. But some of my lenses are second hand, that’s cheaper.

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