Foggy Landscape Photo

Here is a photo that I shot in Reinfeld in misty conditions. It’s probably a minimalist photo but what I liked about the scene was the green field and the green mound with the trees. I liked the shape of the landscape and how the trees have been a contrast to the misty background. It somehow also looked and was desolate as I was alone outside in the fields. What I don’t like is that I didn’t take the photo on a way that the trees are completely in the picture, because they’re basically cut at the top of the … Continue reading Foggy Landscape Photo

Black Outdoor Cat

Above is an older photo of a cat. I shot this photo in 2017. The highlights were overblown and the colors were boring as well, which is why I decided to convert it to black and white. I also cropped the image on a way that the cat is more on the right side of the image. I am not sure, it just looked much better than having the cat in the middle, especially after I flipped the image horizontally. I think what I liked about this was that the cat is now looking into the empty space on the … Continue reading Black Outdoor Cat

Cat Wallpaper

Today I shot some new photos of my cat and I experimented a little bit with my 40mm macro lens. I had the idea to take a photo of Shyna’s nose and mouth. Not sure what exactly I tried to achieve, but sometimes you find out later. When I transferred the image to my PC, I realized the image could work very well as a wallpaper in Windows. Because on the left side, there is enough clean space for all my icons. I think I might try the image as a wallpaper. What do you think? And how is this … Continue reading Cat Wallpaper

Lonely Crow

A photo of a lonely crow on a field. While the photo is not extremely special, I do however like minimalist photos with not too much things going on in the image. I shot the photo during a hike through a small forest, and outside of the forest was the field you see in the picture. I saw that crow and decided to take a photo at 300mm, which is why it somehow looks compressed. But as said, I like that. I hope you too. There are more photos of birds on my blog. Continue reading Lonely Crow