Simple But Tasty

potato puree with spinach and fried eggs

Above is also one of my favorite meals. And it’s a simple one, which doesn’t mean that it isn’t tasty. It’s potato puree with spinach and fried eggs. A fairly cheap meal. I often eat this when I want to put more bank notes into my piggy bank than planned. And I don’t feel bad about it because as said, it’s delicious. I love eggs, and I love spinach and potatoes. It makes you full and happy, and it’s nutrient-rich.

4 thoughts on “Simple But Tasty

    1. Thanks. It is super tasty 🙂 Yes, even here in Germany we either call it “KartoffelpĂĽree” or “Kartoffelmus” (and a couple of other names for it). I was amazed when I found the English translation, which are almost literally the same. KartoffelpĂĽree means potato puree. And Stampfkartoffeln is mashed potatoes (but here in the North we rather call it Kartoffelmus). 🙂

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