Angry Cat

angry cat

I am honest with you, the title of this post (Angry Cat) is pure click-bait. I mean, in the photo it definitely looks like Shyna is very angry but that was not the case when I shot the photo. You know what is completely underrated? Setting your camera to continues shooting and point it at your cat in a very mundane situation. She actually ate something, then she was licking her face, and that’s when I was using my camera as a machine-gun. While shooting that fast, taking so many shots, you can sometimes get some really cool results, like in this case an angry cat fake. Below are two other photos that came out of this and they show what I mean. Take a look at this slideshow…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

2 thoughts on “Angry Cat

    1. Hehe. That’s funny. I don’t use slideshows often but in some cases it makes sense. There are some cool ways to show your pictures on WordPress. There are also different type of galleries. 🙂

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