Evening Jam in March with the Stratocaster – The Last Parts

In this post, I will share the last three remaining parts of the evening jam with my Fender Classic Series ’50s Stratocaster. As I mentioned previously, the video was a bit longer but I did cut the best parts out of it to have some new content for my YouTube channel. I played very similar licks in the first parts of the series but in the end, it somehow transformed into some kind of funky blues. Some of the last parts are with drums and some without. Here are the last three parts of the practice and playing session…

10 thoughts on “Evening Jam in March with the Stratocaster – The Last Parts

    1. I do too. But as you commented in the other post, probably because it would get a different feel if I wouldn’t listen to the drums.

      Awesome! I am curious what you come up with!

        1. Fantastic! Not yet but I considered it. It would add a lot to a track.

          But if these rivers are crossed, it can become dangerous… because new ideas lure on the other side. A drum kit would be interesting too but I think even an electric drum kit is too loud for an apartment. 😀

      1. Just for fun I tried something a bit radical. I opened up all three of the videos, randomly, and let them play simultaeously. It’s amazing how well they mesh, no discord at all.

        1. Hehe, that is a funny idea. I tried this now too. The first 5 seconds mesh a bit but then, together, the three videos don’t sound musical anymore in my opinion. Maybe it would if I would sync all three videos to the beat.

    1. It is fun 🙂 Yes, as long as I play soft ballads, jazzy or bluesy stuff, she likes it. She actually joins me every time when I play some soft things. She doesn’t like Rock or Hard Rock as much because it’s too much noise and then she usually leaves the room 😀

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