Black Dog Portrait

portrait of jacko

This was Jacko, one of the dogs my uncle had before he died. The dog was sold after my uncle passed away. But I still have some photos of Jacko that I want to upload too. While the photo at the top was a snapshot, I think it could go through as a dog portrait.

9 thoughts on “Black Dog Portrait

    1. I hope so too. We would have liked it to keep him in the family but we already have pets and we live in apartments. It’s sad that his wife didn’t want to keep him, but a second thought and I think it’s probably better for the dog as she was a questionable person anyway. So, he most likely has it better now than if she would have kept him.

      1. Yes, you are probably right about that. It is sad that none of you could keep him but he was a dog used to living in the country and an apartment would not have suited him very well.

  1. That is a good photo. Jacko is what I call a real dog. Dogs that can survive in the wild, at least for a little while, are real dogs. Dogs like Yorkies wouldn’t last a day.

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