Reinfeld Landscape


The photo at the top was shot in 2016 but I haven’t uploaded it as I shoot way too many photos. So, I am doing it now. The photo is a really great example of why I liked Reinfeld. The landscape there has a lot to offer. Small forest areas, ponds, brooks, grassland, farmland, fenlands, and more. It was also a great place for bird photography. Talking about landscapes, we have many other interesting places surrounding our city.

2 thoughts on “Reinfeld Landscape

  1. The place is really great, although the reason why I was there was sad… as I helped my uncle who got a brain tumor and then he died. My afternoon hikes in Reinfeld really helped me to cope with the sad situation. Mainly because of nature, birds, and so on. Talking just about the place, it would definitely be a habitat for me too.

    I could still hike there as it is just outside of our city, but the Deutsche Bahn ticket back and forth costs €9.80. Outrageous price for a 10 minutes train ride. It can be done once a month, but after that, you really don’t want to throw more money into the throat of the Bahn.

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