Sunset in Travemünde

Travemünde Sunset

Last Sunday, my mother, one of her neighbors, and I drove to Travemünde as we wanted to stroll around near the water. When we walked back to the car, my phone showed that we walked 16 kilometers. That’s a good distance! Before that, her neighbor invited us to a coffee near the beach but I have chosen a cappuccino as I don’t drink coffee. It was a warm October day but the breeze at the Baltic Sea can be cold, so the hot drink was welcomed. On the way back to the car, we got rewarded with a wonderful sunset. At that time it was already pretty fresh and I noticed that I picked a too-thin jacket.  But at the moment it doesn’t matter what kind of clothes you choose, it’ll be wrong depending on the time of the day.  Arrived at my mother’s home, she started to warm up the kale from the previous day. That’s the best food you can eat when you’re chilled to the bone after a walk.

10 thoughts on “Sunset in Travemünde

    1. Good point. I see why. I’ve always thought of it as a chocolate powder milk foam drink that almost tastes like a real coffee but not as strong. 😀 I’m very caffeine sensitive, so, a real coffee will make my heart race… I don’t get that from Cappuccino. I also don’t like the strong bitterness and dark taste of coffee beans and tried all suggestions like putting milk in it but it’s not my thing. But I haven’t tried for two decades, maybe there is actually one brand out there that I like. Who knows 🙂 But one thing is sure, I love creamy Cappucino’s, especially in autumn or winter.

      Yes, the walk was fantastic. We discussed everything and anything during the walk and other times we’ve been quiet and enjoyed the scenery. I did enjoy the time.

  1. I thought cappuccino was coffee too but with chocolate powder on top. It’s the main type of coffee I order apart from a flat white. The photo is beautiful and it sounds like a very enjoyable day out. Our spring weather is unpredictable at the moment and it is hard to know what to put on too.

    1. I guess you both are technically right. It’s an espresso-based drink. According to Google, a Cappuccino is 1/3 Expresso and 2/3 milk and milk foam. So, it’s basically a much weaker coffee. Still, I’ve never heard someone calling it a coffee. You hear that fairly often here if someone doesn’t like coffee, that he or she adds “However, but I like Cappuccino”.

      I am glad you like the photo. It was a wonderful day. Yes, unpredictable weather is funny… you never know what to put on 😀

    1. Yes, we walked a few hours. I think it was 3 hours of unhurried walking. I am glad you like the photo, I think sundown is always interesting 🙂

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