Fascinated by Raindrops

cat fascinated by raindrops

My cat Shyna is always fascinated by raindrops hitting the window. And since we have rather large windows (floor to ceiling) in the living room, it’s the perfect place for a cat to observe the world. The photo at the top was shot when she observed the raindrops hitting the window. I converted the image to black and white because the original colors were dull due to the bad light.

8 thoughts on “Fascinated by Raindrops

    1. That’s cute. I gave the video a like 🙂 My cat does that too but it’s best when the snowflakes are very big 🙂 The last years we haven’t had that much snow, so, for a cat near the window, these have been boring winters 😀

        1. People walk with their dogs in front of my window, and there are also people without dogs… and cars driving in and out of a parking lot. So, the things I just mentioned right now, and the things you mentioned, are decent entertainment alternatives for a cat 🙂

        2. Yes, and Shyna does have those full length windows to enjoy them from! Andy has to hop up on a chair to hop up on the window sill to enjoy his entertainment.

        3. For the cat, it’s really good to have full-length windows. For humans, not so much, that’s what I realized within a decade of living here. Having these large windows, they’re not as good of a barrier as a wall… means, in winter it can get pretty cold in my living room and I need to heat more. In summer, the sun gets through better. I have a curtain but the space between the curtain and window makes the same heat you would experience in a greenhouse. And that warm air from behind the curtain goes somewhere… of course it stays in my living room, making it hotter than it would be. Pleated fabric can not be attached, and I don’t trust the adhesive variants. There is one other option, the panel curtains would work but I calculated the costs lol…. nope. There are 10 window frames and it would cost me at least €700 due to the strange measurements of my windows (I’d need custom-made fabrics). So, yeah, these are the downsides :/

        4. I can appreciate what you mean! There are windows that have thermal qualities more suitable for people who live in climates like you and me, but they are very expensive. I guess the best solution is to move to Hawaii! LOL!

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