Playing my Vintage V100 Lemon Drop

I just found a video that I recorded a while ago. It’s actually an interesting solo jam over a backing track I created. But I wondered why I haven’t uploaded it earlier, and that’s when I noticed that I have my barn door slightly open in the video (laugh). Maybe that’s why? Well, happened to all of us at some point but in my video it’s barely noticable and there is nothing to see, thus I uploaded it nonetheless.

Talking about the guitar playing. I basically inprovised the solo, like always, over a backing track that I pre-recorded. I record a ton of backing tracks for later because sometimes I find nice melodies that I want to be able to recall or use for soloing at a later point. Sometimes I add drums, sometimes I don’t. This time I did it again. By the way, I played my Vintage V100 Lemon Drop in this video. It’s a lovely Les Paul style guitar. I totally love that guitar too. I used AmpliTube 5 as an amp sim and for the solo part, I created a sound preset with a muddy overdrive sound but more about this at the bottom. What I like is that I really got into the groove from the minute 5 on, I think the phrasing improved after 5 minute improvising. I know, self-praise stinks but the licks after minute 5 are kinda sick. What do you think? Have a listen if you like…

Talking about the solo guitar preset that I created, I will explain what I did set up. I basically used a British Blue Tube 30TB, which seems to model a Vox AC30. I turned the knobs of that amp model so that it already sounded muddy. In the front of it is an AmpliTube 5 pedal chain that I will talk about now. I did set it up so that it first goes through a red Fuzzface, then through a Fender ’63 reverb to get some cool underlying twang on the pedal after it, which is an OD-1 overdrive pedal. And at the end, I added a 7 Band graphgic EQ to fix some of the frequencies that I didn’t like. With the EQ, I gave it even some more mud.

AmpliTube 5 pedal chain

I use Ableton Live as a DAW. In the master of the DAW, I used a convolution reverb plug-in. I also made use of iZotope Ozone but I am not a mastering pro, which means I went through the available presets in the plug-in, that’s all. But I think my recording doesn’t sound too bad. Some people may dislike the muddy overdrive sound of the solo guitar, but I somehow love that sound and it fits my V100 Lemon Drop very well. What do you think?

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