Church and Moon

Above is a photo that I shot some time ago. I saw the moon beside the St. Petri Church in Lübeck and liked the scene. What I noticed or learned is that sometimes the moon will appear much bigger if there is an object in the foreground. I think same counts if the moon is near the horizon and if I am not wrong it’s called Moon Illusion. I believe lens compression helps too if you shoot with a Tele lens. I shot the photo with my Tamron 70-300mm lens. I have an old post from 2013 where you can … Continue reading Church and Moon

University of Music Lübeck

With the photo above I focussed on the bridge, but in the background you can see the University of Music in Lübeck. It was a random snapshot, because somehow I liked it that the bridge shows you the path. It was more of an experimental shot, trying something out. The bridge is there because between me and the university there is the Trave river, that also surrounds the whole historic district. There are different bridges to cross the river or channel. Continue reading University of Music Lübeck


I found the photo above in my library. This is one of many photos that I shot when I started out with my first DSLR camera. It’s somehow funny to see your own photos years later because then you try to understand why you took a particular picture. I think when you start out, you experiment a lot, that’s the first point. I think with this picture I experimented with the angle. I am also sure that I liked the windows, our historic district has some really cool and old-looking buildings. However, the original was rather boring, because the colours … Continue reading Windows

Abandoned Place

I thought I show you a photo again. The photo above was shot in 2015. I found that abandoned structure in Lübeck and shot several pictures from different sides. Today you can’t find that structure anymore because they dismantled and demolished it to make room for something new I guess. This is the fun part about photography as well, you can take these pictures and you as a photographer and the photos become witness of the past. Since I didn’t like how I framed the image (I was way too close), I edited on a way that it looks more … Continue reading Abandoned Place