City Cat

Today I walked 20km to look for city cats again but I sadly just found one. That’s a bit strange for the distance I walked but maybe luck wasn’t with me today. But I tried and I always preach on my blog, even if go home with just one new picture, you’ve been outside and that’s good for the body and soul. However, it’s a bit ironic that the one cat I found, is a black cat again. It was hiding below a car and wanted to cross the sidewalk but then it saw me and hesitated. But when I … Continue reading City Cat

Beautiful Black Cat

As I mentioned in my previous post, today’s mission was to find outdoor cats in different districts. The second cat I found was the beautiful black cat at the top. I saw it sitting on a balcony and then I shot the photo. I don’t know why, but it somehow has a very sinister look and I like that. While I find all cats beautiful, I must admit, that I think this is the most beautiful black cat of all the ones I photographed. But maybe it has “kitten bonus karma points” because it still seems to be a young … Continue reading Beautiful Black Cat

Grey Outdoor Cat

Today I went outside with my camera to look for cats. But this time I wasn’t looking for stray cats in the garden areas but for outdoor cats somewhere in different districts. I didn’t find a lot of cats today but at least a few. The first cat I saw was the grey cat you will see in the photo below. You can probably still say that it is a tabby cat, but if you ask me, it has a very different grey tone than all the other tabby cats I photographed. But it’s a beautiful cat too. I like … Continue reading Grey Outdoor Cat

Outdoor Tabby Cat

I found the beautiful tabby cat that you see in the photo at the top roaming around near some railway tracks. The cat wasn’t too shy and I shot another photo that I will upload in the future too. But the photo at the top is my favorite because it really was shot as soon as I saw the cat or the cat saw me. I think the posture and the facial expression shows that the cat was not shy but wary. The cat slowly moved back down to the railway tracks before I passed by at the sandy path. … Continue reading Outdoor Tabby Cat

Black Cat on the Roof

In the last three days, the weather was pretty good and I was outside a lot. In three days, I hiked 46 kilometers (28.6 miles) and I had my camera with me and shot a few photos. As usual, I also took photos of cats but I didn’t find a lot. One day I was walking through the garden areas again and saw a cat on the roof of a garden shack. I was already pretty close to the cat but it was good that I had my Tamron 70-300mm lens attached. So, I zoomed to 300mm and shot the … Continue reading Black Cat on the Roof

Beautiful Ginger Cat

The cat in the photo at the top is the same cat I showed you already here and here. But as you know, I sometimes hold some images back, either because I want to, or because I don’t have the time to edit and upload them all at the same time. Whatever, I think it’s great to have some photos for future posts. I liked the photo as it was. There was minimal editing in this case. I just added a bit of clarity, sharpness and I made it a tiny bit brighter. I hope you like the photo. You … Continue reading Beautiful Ginger Cat