Beautiful Ginger Cat

beautiful ginger cat

The cat in the photo at the top is the same cat I showed you already here and here. But as you know, I sometimes hold some images back, either because I want to, or because I don’t have the time to edit and upload them all at the same time. Whatever, I think it’s great to have some photos for future posts. I liked the photo as it was. There was minimal editing in this case. I just added a bit of clarity, sharpness and I made it a tiny bit brighter. I hope you like the photo. You can find more cat photos on my blog.

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Ginger Cat

    1. That’s true. Gingers work with many backgrounds. Those black cats I photographed were more difficult because sometimes the greenery is in shadow, or the background is dark in general.

      I hope I find more ginger cats this year, so far they seem to be rare here. It’s easy to find black ones, black and white ones or the tabby cats.

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