Ginger Cat

Today I walked through the garden areas with the intention to photograph outdoor cats that roam around in these areas. I usually don’t set in stone what kind of subjects I will photography when I go outside but today I really wanted to find out if I can get more cat photos. Hey, and I found one! A beautiful ginger cat gave me the chance to take a photo. So, take a look below…

ginger cat


11 thoughts on “Ginger Cat

    1. There are lots of cats that look well-fed in that garden area. Some of these cats are actually stray cats but some people who rent a garden there feed them. I met a woman today that told me this… we saw a black cat and she said it’s a stray cat that visits her once in a while and the woman provides a bowl with water and food.

  1. Me too. I find ginger cats and calico cats pretty cool. And who would have thought, tuxedo cats too 🙂 But I think they all know how to enchant us 🙂

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