Tired Cats

It’s just a bad phone snapshot but today I noticed these two cats in our district. Like I said in a previous post, it was pretty hot today and these two cats were basically tired of the heat. I know because I called them but they didn’t care and continued to take a break. In these moments I always regret that I don’t carry my DSLR every single time I leave my apartment. I would have liked to take some close-up photos of them with my 70-300mm lens. But who knows, maybe I spot them again one day because it … Continue reading Tired Cats

We Need A Vet Appointment

I shot the photo at the top with my phone. When I sit at the computer, my cat sometimes joins me and it’s quite cute how she finds a comfortable position at the desk. But I want to talk about something else today. Still related to my cat but an issue I discovered. I noticed that Shyna got a very bad breath, like really bad. I started to wonder if she might have dental problems. I checked her denture, which is of course not easy with a cat but if I could see something at all, it’s maybe dental calculus. … Continue reading We Need A Vet Appointment