Old Cat Snapshot

Ok, I thought I do upload another one of my cat. I just found this snapshot minutes ago in my photo library. I shot the photo in 2015 when my cat was lying on the ground in my living room. She did take a sunbath when I had the curtains slightly opened and a little bit of afternoon sun shined into the living room. And yeah, I know, it’s messy to have a guitar lying on the ground too, but I didn’t have a guitar stand at that time (lol). I hope you like this snapshot. But it was a … Continue reading Old Cat Snapshot

Cat and Guitar

Here is just a snapshot I took today. I played guitar for three hours in the afternoon and then I did put it on the couch because I needed a break. When I saw my cat near the Telecaster, I grabbed my camera and took a snapshot. Due to the dull artificial living room lighting, I decided to convert the image to black and white and I like this more. I hope you like the image. Continue reading Cat and Guitar