Dishonored Play Through

Weather is still bad here, is there something better than using the bad time to play through a PC game? If you ask a gamer, the reply is “probably not”. I love it when it’s uncomfortable outside but cozy inside, watching on my PC screen to dive into other worlds. That is what gaming is for me. The game Dishonored had good ratings on Steam, and it was 75% off during Steam summer sales. I purchased it and installed it right away. Then I went to the mall to get several bags of potato chips and other tasty things, I … Continue reading Dishonored Play Through

Dishonored Review

As we have bad weather here right now, I decided to play through a game that I never tried earlier. I talk about Dishonored and to say it right in the beginning, the game is X-rated and pretty much violent depending on your play style, but more about this later. However, the game was pretty interesting and fun to play. Dishonored is a first-person action game, you could also say it is a stealth action-adventure. Dishonored is set in Dunwall, an industrial city where most of the stuff still runs with whale oil, yes, you dive into a steampunk genre … Continue reading Dishonored Review

Darker Nights Might Find The Way Back To World of Warcraft

A user on Reddit noticed something on the PTR testrealm of World of Warcraft. It seems that Blizzard does currently test darker nights in World of Warcraft. Check out the comparison uploaded by the Reddit user. If you a newer to game, dark nights were standard in the old days of World of Warcraft. The game changed from daytime mood to nighttime ambiance back then but Blizzard decided to remove this awesome feature. Most people couldn’t understand that, because the feature really did contribute to the game atmosphere. It’s not clear if the nighttime feature will get a comeback. Blizzard … Continue reading Darker Nights Might Find The Way Back To World of Warcraft

You Can Now Request A Refund For Most Purchase On Steam

Good news for Steam users, it’s now possible to refund nearly any purchase you made on Steam. You don’t even have to explain why you want a refund, the reason doesn’t matter. Valve will issue your refund in any case as long as you didn’t play or use the product for more than two hours and as long as the request is made within fourteen days of the purchase. Find out more on the Steam blog entry and learn how Steam refunds work. Continue reading You Can Now Request A Refund For Most Purchase On Steam

A Real Good Game Bundle

I didn’t write about games for a long period now, there was not really much I would find interesting, but now there is something I need to report about. The Humble Bundle site has a real good game bundle for sale now. As always, you decide the price and how much of a split should go to the developer, the Humble Bundle site and the charities (this time they have the charities Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and AbleGamers on board). Now about the games. I am really a fanboy of the games developed by Paradox Interactive. I played a lot … Continue reading A Real Good Game Bundle